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The AQI scale used for real-time pollution indexing in the above map is based on the latest US EPA standard, using the Instant Cast formula.

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Air quality - year - Yerevan
ArmAQI is a group of enthusiasts who faced the problem of severe air pollution in the cities of Armenia and the lack of up-to-date data. We decided to create an independent air quality measurement system with the help of an open community.

How it works?

Residents install sensors outside their windows that measure the level of air pollution. You can buy them inexpensively or build them yourself. All the sensors are connected in an open network and send data in real time. The more sensors installed in one area, the more accurately they can detect pollution levels.

The first step to change is to realize what you can't see with the naked eye: the air we breathe every day!

Can you see Ararat?

It's not just fog, it's smog, which contains:

What is the difference between smog and fog?


Why is this happening?


Large number of cars

Particles of asphalt, tires, brake pads, and exhaust fumes from old, defective cars enter the air.



Burning garbage, coal, using thin metal stoves in which the fuel does not burn completely. In winter, the air deteriorates by 3-5 times!


Grass and seasoned wood burning

In the fall and spring, the main air pollutant is the burning of grass and dead wood during harvesting.


Geographic features

Windless weather, lowlands, surrounded by mountains, urban landscape, tall buildings, and poorly blown streets all trap pollutants suspended in the air.



Grass burning, haulm burning, and making fires in the wrong place often leads to fires.


Open-pit mining

Insufficient irrigation of mining cuts during blasting or no irrigation.



Dust pollution from demolition and construction, as well as exhaust from construction vehicles.



Lack of control over industrial emissions.

What are the impacts of air pollution?

The insidious thing about air pollution is that the harm is not immediately noticeable, but harmful substances accumulate in the body, and over time can lead to serious problems.


Cardiovascular diseases

The tiny particles are deposited in the lungs and blood vessels and cause inflammation in them. In response to inflammation, the amount of special signal proteins - cytokines - increases in the blood. They trigger a chain of biochemical reactions that eventually lead to thrombosis and then to coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and stroke.



In third place after cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, PM2.5 particles can cause cancer. A total of 3% of cardiovascular and respiratory deaths and 5% of lung cancer deaths are associated with PM2.5.


Mental retardation

There are studies proving that mental abilities are impaired with increased air pollution. In children, it leads to impaired memory performance and behavioral disorders such as the autism spectrum and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).[Source]

What should we do?

What can everyone do now to improve air quality?


Don't burn trash

Especially plastic, bags, tires. A lot of harmful substances and carcinogens get into the air when plastic is burned!


Don't use cheap fuel

It is almost impossible to achieve safe coal combustion in domestic conditions. Used machine oil is a dangerous carcinogen!


Do not use garage-made stoves

In homemade thin metal stoves, there is not enough combustion temperature, so the fuel does not burn completely. A good stove saves fuel and pays for itself quickly.


Do not burn seasoned wood

Do not burn leaves, halum, dry grass, and seasoned wood, but compost it. In many countries, it is illegal to burn garden waste on your own property.

How to protect yourself?

- In Dilijan, in the kitchen, you open a regular faucet - water flows, second place in the world!
- And what place does Dilijan have in terms of air quality?

Install ArmAQI air quality sensor and see how polluted the air outside your window is!

All you have to do is to stick it behind a window and connect it to your home's always-on WiFi and the air quality data will show up on the map!

sensor standard


35000 AMD

Ready-made sensor in a branded cloud-shaped case with installation kit. Remote configuration of the device.

You will need

  • Attach to the window on the 2-sided adhesive tape (included)
  • Provide Wi-Fi connection.
sensor diy


You assemble, tune and install the station yourself (according to the instructions on the website). Suitable for you if you are interested in electronics and technology, like to make things yourself or want to learn something new. You do not need to search, order and wait for components, we have everything in stock.

DIY Lite

15000 AMD
  • Components only + box 3D-print file (or you can creat your own)

DIY Full

30000 AMD
  • All components, all wires and box - you need only to assemble

I want that sensor!

Leave a request and we'll contact you and arrange everything!

We produce sensors in accordance with received requests approximately once every 2-3 weeks. We will contact you about payment and delivery as soon as it is ready!

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Let's make Armenia's air clean!
Armenia is famous for its clean mountain air, and our cities deserve clean air too! is a part of Sensor.Community - a contributor-driven global civic tech network

Source - Residential heating with wood and coal: health impacts and policy options

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